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FOX News
Mar 26, 2013 4:00pm PDT
breaking turn of events for amanda knox today. the seattle college student acquitted of murdering her roommate during what italian prosecutors called a drug fueled sex game. italy's top court today overturned the acquittal and ordered that foxy knoxy face a retrial for the now unsolved crime. you recall amanda knox served four years in italian prison before an appeals court freed her in 2011. she has been living in the seattle area ever since and is now a junior at the university of washington. but prosecutors convinced a court that there was enough today retry amanda knox for the death of meredith kircher. they found her dead in an apartment that she shared with knox. his client is devastated by the turn of events. >> she is shocked. she is very sad. she thought this was the end of a nightmare. and but she is also very strong in the sense that she with s. willing to fight again. she did all of this up to now. we will continue to fight. >> it's important to note that ha manda knox does not have to return to italy for the trial. and if the court does find her guilty. extradition is see
FOX News
Mar 25, 2013 4:00pm PDT
american college student, amanda knox, waiting to find out whether she will face trial again for the murder of her roommate. prosecutors asking italy's highest court to overturn her acquittal. now a delay in the verdict. the details ahead. plus, the two teens accused of shooting and killing a baby in a stroller say they didn't do it. but first from fox this monday night. the supreme court is taking on a second case, dealing with affirmative action on college us examines. the justices are already debating a lawsuit against the university of texas which does consider race in its admissions policy. a white student claims that the policy cost her a spot at that school. now the court is set to hear a challenge to michigan's ban on affirmative action at public colleges. voters approved the ban back in 2006. last year an appeals court struck down the law calling it unconstitutional. trace gallagher on fox top story. is he live in our west coast news hub this afternoon. trace, experts say the timing of this is pretty unusual. >> it's unusual, shep, because the supreme court as we know as you
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2